About me

My name is Sarah Hill, I was born in Manchester in the 70's. I was brought up on a zoological park where I first came in contact with the world of cats. They were kept in barns to keep the number of vermin at bay. Which were large because of all the dry and raw food that was stored for the other animals at the zoo.

My love of cats have always surpassed all the other animals that came and went during my life. 

I've had over 30 years of experience with cats. Training and bringing them up with good behaviour and redirecting any unwanted behaviour. Along with my qualifications in Feline Behaviour And Psycology and Animal Psycology.


I've learnt over the years that most unwanted behaviour is usually the fault of the owners.

Kittens that are taken away from their mother and littermates too early can lack the knowledge of good manners. As they learn this from one another.

As well as this they can learn bad habits from owners, Such as rough play with their hands or their feet resulting in kittens learning that human hands and feet are there to be bitten and scratched. This may be cute when they are kittens but not so when they are adult cats. 

But with kindness, respect and a lot of paitence, owners can turn unwanted behaviour into wanted behaviour. In return you have gained the love and repect for many years to come from your feline friend.