Now Available for Paid Online Consultations


CCan't find a cat behaviourist in your area?

then you're just a click away!

over 85% of your cat problems can be solved by an online consultation

How Can i help you?

I will work with you to identify and help to change unwanted behaviour.

I can make reccomendations and suggestions that a responsible owner like yourself may not have considered.

This will be done over a handful of emails (£15 - £45 depending on what Options you choose). But over these emails we will discuss what the problems are and how they can be solved. Hopefully this will  be successfully solved in 4 emails ensuring that we can get to the root of the problem as quickly as possible.

For more informtaion on this or for need of services please refer to the Contact Me section and/or our Payment Options page of the website.


Sarah Hill.

My commitment to you

As an online consultant I aim to work with you and your cat to overcome problems and behaviours that are unwanted and seen as an impossible task. This will be done by identifying unwanted behaviour and redirecting it into good behaviour. My commitment to you is to treat your cat as though it were part of my own family. 

As I previously said 85% of all cat problems can be solved with an online consultation. And very rarely are home visits needed as it only adds stress to you and your cat.

Owning 4 cats at one time  as well as owning a cat who has special needs I know all too well the heartache and the worries that you can face with your own cat. As well as this I am trained to deal with other situations that may arise and look forward to helping you.



Thanks for visiting if you have any questions you can reach out to me by filling out the fields present. This will connect you to me and we'll be able to discuss further. Also if you check our Payment Options, this may help you better decide what you require.